Mentor Spotlight

Jonathan Tavss

Co-Founder & Director

Operating as a world-renowned guide to organizations and individuals globally who wish to understand discourse on exponential technological growth and its connection to cultural change, Jonathan Tavss triggers springboards for business realignment to drive impact and results. At his core, he is a connector – literally and figuratively – between the realities of today and the sustainable possibilities of tomorrow. Jonathan is sought out by companies ranging from Fortune 100 to start-ups – including international entertainment studios, media firms, CPG brands and service corporations – to advise in business strategy, product development, content creation, distribution, change management and global positioning.

What are you passionate about?

 I’ve spent much of my time during my first 50 years helping many gain wealth. I’m excited about my commitment to spending most of my next 50 helping all of society gain health. Luckily, these two are not mutually exclusive and that’s driving my passion for riding this wave towards a future that enables us to grow and succeed holistically.

What one piece of advice would you give to an early stage startup regarding your area of expertise?

It is so easy for founders to get caught in the weeds – especially new ones. With an eagerness to kick everything off and get going, the opportunity to properly lay the groundwork is often lost in the shuffle. Any start-up is hard. Focusing on the big picture and setting the foundation for sustainable growth is even harder. But, those who do so, can get stuff done while keeping their eyes open, and tackle the hard, establishing components are the ones who see real success.

What do you like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator?

I originally agreed to become a SAM Preccelerator Mentor to give something back – offering my experience to others. What I’ve found over the years is the joy in developing deeper relationships with solid founders and their teams, and learning a whole hell of a lot from them along the way.


Majid Abai
Managing Director
Concepts Rise
*Entrepreneurship, Revenue Growth, Product Innovation
Abai Majid
Rich Abronson
Founder and User Experience Designer
Zero 2 Eleven
*User-experience design, online marketing, product development, business development, fund-raising
Abronson Rich
Dana C. Arnett
Founder, CO
Wicked Bionic
*Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Social Media
Arnett C. Dana
John Arroyo
Arroyo Labs, Inc.
*Product Development, Software Development, Outsourced CTO, Technical Strategy, Scaling
Arroyo John
Edmond Banayan
Chairman of LAVA Healthcare
CEO of Chronaly Inc.
*Startup Planning, Organizational Development, Business Development, Market Share, Growth, Governance
Banayan Edmond
Chris Bechtel
Managing Partner, Growth Engine Labs
*Research and strategy, growth marketing, sales acceleration, data science
Bechtel Chris
Barbara Bickham
CTO Consultant
*Technology, monetization, digital/mobile, iOT, VR, AR, AI
Bickham Barbara
Devon Blaine
President / CEO
The Blaine Group, Inc.
*PR, Media, Communications, Fundraising
Blaine Devon
Steve Bradbury
My Software Tutor
*Branding/Marketing, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Executive/Management, Sales
Bradbury Steve
Joanna Brzezińska
Business Efficiency Manager
*Branding/Marketing; Business Strategy; Funding/Capital Strategy; PR; Product Development; UX/UI Design; Sales; User Research
Brzezińska Joanna
Alexi Calvo
Founder and Entrepreneur Advisor
*UX Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing/E-Commerce, Lean Startup, Strategic Partnerships
Calvo Alexi
Matt Ceran
565 Media
* Data science, customer acquisition, digital entrepreneurship.
Ceran Matt
Andrew Cheeseman
Founder & CEO
*Innovation, sales, culture, IT, systems
Cheeseman, Andrew
Tony Cristiano
Founder & Managing Director
Pivotal Arc
*Branding/Marketing, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Executive/Management, Product Development, Sales, Pricing, User Research
Cristiano Tony
Lorna De Bono
Immigration Attorney
Haight Law Group, PLC
* Immigration Law, Immigration Issues, Citizenship
De Bono Lorna
Kenneth Deemer
Executive Coach
Growth Leaders Group
*Business Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Executive/Management
Deemer Kenneth
Santhosh Devati
Founder/ Investor
Anamika Ventures
Business and Technology Advisory, Entrepreneurship, Investments
Devati Santhosh
Michael Dorman
Media Needle
*Digital Marketing, Crowdfunding, Influencer Outreach
Dorman Michael
Ray Edwards
Co-Founder and CEO
*Strategic marketing, finance, business development, and entrepreneurship.
Edwards, Ray
David Ehrenberg
CEO and Principal
Early Growth Financial Services
*Venture Funding, Debt Financing, M&A, Strategic Planning, Accounting
Ehrenberg David
Eli Eisenberg
Founder and CEO
Straight Line Management
*CFO Consulting, Financial Modeling, Balance Sheets, Pitch Preparation
Eisenberg Eli
Lydia Elle
Elle Elle, LLC
* Operations Research, Strategy, Acquisition Planning, Price Analysis
Elle Lydia
Lou Ferrara
Growth Advisor
*Automation, AI, media, video, SEO, social, executive leadership and business planning
Ferrara Lou
Jasmine Foroutan
CEO/ Founder
Pitch Genious Co., LLC
*Pitch Deck Presentations, Fundraising
Foroutan Jasmine
Farida Fotouhi
Reality2 LLC
*Marketing, Branding, Creative Services
Fotouhi Farida
Marco Franzoni
CEO & Founder
Disruptive Labs
*User-Experience Design, Product Development, Growth Hacking, Business Strategy, Fundraising
Franzoni Marco
Sue Funkhouser
Management Consultant & Coach
Pinwheel Performance
*Corporate Culture, Team Building, Management Consulting, Leadership
Funkhouser Sue
Mark Gochman
Gochman Law Group, PC
*Content creation, branding & licensing, celebrity endorsements, media distribution, media and entertainment agreements
Gochman Mark
Damian Greco
Managing Partner
Promenade Capital Partners
*M&A Advisory, CFO Consulting, Fundraising
Greco Damian
Jeremy Grodberg
Consulting CTO and Product Manager
Nuru LLC
*Product design, iterative engineering, technology, strategy, tactics.
Grodberg Jeremy
JD Harriman
Foundation Law Group
* Patent prosecution, Strategic Counseling, Due Diligence Investigations, Pre-Suit Investigations, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Counseling
Harriman JD
Jerome Helton
Partner/Founding Member
Startup TAP
*Executive Recruitment, Team Building, Growth Consultant
Helton Jerome
Kyle Herron
Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder
*Team management, growth consulting, web development, branding.
Herron, Kyle
Leslie Huynh
CMO Consultant
*Marketing, User Acquisition, Fundraising, Market Analysis
Huynh Leslie
Jill James
CEO Founder
Sif Industries
* Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Funding
James Jill
Janine Davis
Executive Coach
*Executive coaching, culture, leadership training & offsites, integration of culture into operations, pitch coaching
Janine Davis
William Jocson
Entrepreneur & Investor
* Product Development, Business Planning, Finance & Investing
Jocson William
Craig Kaplan
Advisor and Investor
*Market strategy, SAS, cloud, recruiting, sales operation, and partnership
Kaplan Craig
Sari Kern
Founder/ CEO
S Kern Consulting
*Consulting, Corporate Planning,
Kern Sari
Chris King
Consultant for Executive Optimization
*Efficiency, productivity, leadership, accountability, mindset
King Chris
Ronette Kite
Startup CFO Consultant
*CFO Consulting, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Operations
Kite Ronette
Howard Ko
Morpheus Ventures
*Venture Capital, Fundraising, Operation, Business Strategy, M&A
Ko Howard
Andrey Kudievskiy
Founder & CEO
*UI & UX, product strategy, analytics, mobile apps, web development, IoT, DevOps, continued development
Kudievskiy Andrey
Carrie Lauby
BOOST Performance
*Sales and market strategy, customer success, recurring revenue consulting
Lauby Carrie
Edward Lee
Founder & CEO
*International and national marketing, pricing strategies, discount optimization, and sales force management.
Lee Edward
Asher Leids
*Strategic partnerships, fundraising, legal, health tech
Leids Asher
Dellaena Maliszewski
Community Development, Senior Manager
*Marketing, product development, growth acquisition, leadership
Maliszewski Dellaena
Ken Malouf
President & Owner
Game Time Strategies, LLC
* Business Management, Strategy
Malouf Ken
Peter Mansfield
Founder/ CMO Consultant
*CMO Services, Fundraising, Branding, User Acquisition, Strategic Partners
Mansfield Peter
John Gado Marcelin
Head of Business Development
Legion of Creatives
*Corporate Brand Alignment and New Age Mobile Media Marketing Management
Marcelin John Gado
Jon Marcus
Sr. Recruiter
Jon Marcus Talent Acquisition
*Recruitment, software, saas, hardware, tech
Marcus Jon
Frank Mastronuzzi
Founding Partner
Xcelerate Financial LLC
*Finance, Operations, Growth Strategy, Strategic Partnerships
Mastronuzzi Frank
Julie McInroy
Vice President
HUB International Of California Insurance Services, Inc.
*Insurance, liability, cyber, E&O, startups
McInroy Julie
Laurel Mintz
Founder & CEO
Elevate My Brand
*Digital marketing, marketing strategy, business development, social media marketing
Mintz Laurel
Mark Morse
Vice President of Marketing, Product and IP Development
*Marketing, Management, Presentation Skills, Robotics, VR/AR
Morse Mark
Sue Mulligan
Founder and CEO
Agile Advisors
* Accounting, Finance, Revenue Growth
Mulligan Sue
Brett Munster
Sway Ventures
*Smart enterprise, supply chain & logistics, cyber security & edge computing, consumer experience and blockchain & crypto
Munster Brett
Delilah Panio
Founder & CEO
Fortuna... A Funding Framework for Women
* Funding, Investor-Readiness, Business Strategy, Pitch Coaching
Panio, Delilah
Christine Perakis
Business Growth Strategist
Best-Selling Author, "Entrepreneur's Essential Roadmap"
*Bus Growth Strategies, Financial Opp Analysis, Ops, Core Ideology
Perakis Christine
Stuart Richman
*IT, business strategy, business development, customer service, sales and marketing
Richman Stuart
Salar Salahshoor
Founder & CEO
*Product development, marketing, user experience, sales acceleration, fundraising
Salahshoor Salar
Carlos Sapene
Founder, CCO
Wicked Bionic
*Marketing, SEO, Advertising, User Acquisition, Branding
Sapene Carlos
Paul Shapiro
Start-up CFO
*Accounting, Financial Modeling and Reporting, Problem Solving
Shapiro Paul
Michael Sherrill
Web Development Manager
Synopsys, Inc.
* IT Consulting, Web Development, Product Design
Sherrill Michael
Andrew Sinasohn
Senior Vice President
Zacuto Group
*Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Advisory
Sinasohn Andrew
Abhimanyu (Abhi) Singh
Co-founder and Advisor
*Customer experience & support, business services, growth & scale, operations, account management
Singh Abhimanyu
Max Sloan
565 Media
* Customer Acquisition, Growth Marketing, Analytics
Sloan Max
Loren Sweitgart
Manager of Strategic Accounts
Supporting Startegies
*Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales
Sweigart Loren
Jonathan Tavss
Co-Founder and Director
*Product Development, Management Strategy, Operations, Strategic Partnerships
Tavss Jonathan
Sipra Thakur
Founder & CEO
One Thousand Suns
*Digital marketing, marketing strategy, business development, social media marketing, design
Thakur Sipra
Tracy Thomas
*Venture Capital, pitch decks, financial modeling, technology commercialization, organizational behavior, fundraising
Thomas Tracy
Jessica Thompson
Creative Director, Designer, Strategist
*Product Design, UI/UX, Technical Strategy, Digital Strategy
Thompson Jessica
Tony Spore
Founder, CTO
*Fractional CTO, Full Stack Developer, Ruby On Rails, DevOps, Team Management, Tech Hiring, System Architecture, AWS
Tony Spore
Lisa Tsou
Founder, Pitch Coach
The Winning Pitch
*Pitch Presentations, Fundraising, Business Strategy
Tsou Lisa
Mark Wald
Managing Director
Supporting Strategies - Santa Monica
*CFO Consulting, Daily Accounting, Fundraising, Financial Modeling, Data Analytics
Wald Mark
Jeremy Wall
Founder & CEO
* Accounting/ Finance; Branding/Marketing; Business Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Executive/Management
Wall Jeremy
Zhen Wang
Financial and Tax Advisor
*Tax, R&D Tax Credits
Wang Zhen
Tony Winders
CMO and Principal Consultant
Winders Consulting Group
Branding/Marketing, PR, Sales
Winders Tony
Roberto Wong
Atomic Group
*IT, management, infrastructure, office 365
Wong Roberto
Michael Zarrabian
Intellectual Property Attorney
Brooks Acordia IP LAW
*Intellectual property, software/hardware, consumer electronics, AR/VR/MR/AI, ecommerce, electro-mechanical, manufacturing and business sectors.
Zarrabian Michael


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