Christine Perakis

Business Growth Strategist
Best-Selling Author, "Entrepreneur's Essential Roadmap"

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*Bus Growth Strategies, Financial Opp Analysis, Ops, Core Ideology

Christine Perakis has been a lawyer, business adviser, entrepreneur, C-Suite executive, adj graduate professor, and professional boat captain, navigating myriad transactions and businesses across 5 continents.

Christine is passionate about facilitating the creation of a visionary framework that enables her clients’ businesses to outpace their competition 10x, through intimate 2-day strategic planning sessions, enabling clients to complete an actionable vision and business model that aligns with the founders’ core ideology.

Her work, expertise and interests have taken her beyond a lucrative legal practice in the entertainment industry over a couple of decades. A number of Christine’s clients, because of their commitment and desire to more fully utilize her breadth of skills and experience, offered Christine equity and brought her in to manage their businesses from the C-suite, or as a managing partner.

Consequently, Christine has run or been a part of a management team in 10 businesses, growing, expanding and achieving results beyond the expectations of all involved. The most recent role being as a COO in a company that went from a 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million/year business in 4 years.

Following the sale of her last business and a stint as a licensed 100-Ton professional boat captain in the Caribbean, Christine shares her experience and skills with more clients and enterprises as a business coach and consultant, with greater involvement from an objective 360° perspective, navigating with clients the path that she has tread countless times.

Christine is a natural teacher and very much enjoys sharing her business knowledge, whether speaking to groups from her “Roadmap to Small Business Success” programs taken from her best-selling book, or through her online business advisory system, delivering 24/7 business growth strategies, tactics, resources, e-learning content and group coaching.

Most recently, Christine has turned the experience of surviving two record-breaking Category 5 hurricanes alone from her home in the British Virgin Islands, into a leadership program, “7 Leadership Tactics to Thrive in a Category 5 World”, and her signature talk, “Weathering the Storm – Thriving in a Category 5 World”, and she is working on her next book to share the harrowing story of survival in the months following the devastation from Hurricane Irma that wiped out her home, and her entire adopted island nation’s infrastructure.

Christine exceeds expectations navigating people and businesses to keep from crashing against the rocks in their own Category 5 encounters in life and business on their way to small business success.