Jeremy Grodberg

Consulting CTO and Product Manager
Nuru LLC


*Product design, iterative engineering, technology, strategy, tactics.

In the words of one successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Jeremy Grodberg “is not like the other engineers.” With an MFA and a passion for consumer product design to complement his deep engineering roots, he has helped companies ranging from day 1 startups to Wells Fargo and Sony develop internet-based products that are both technologically sound and consumer friendly. While Jeremy is proud of his work helping Boeing shave 10% off the time it takes to build a 747 and Wells Fargo create the first major internet banking website, he prefers creating fun and useful tools for the masses, like or his award-wining website.

Jeremy provides product and consumer focused CTO and Software Architect consulting services to internet businesses to help them take full advantage of their unique market strengths. For smaller companies, his broad range of skills allows him to fill in the gaps that are a natural consequence of having a small team, and his depth of experience allows him to provide guidance on numerous issues younger teams often need help with, such as scaling up and optimizing processes in a tech organization. For larger companies, Jeremy’s expertise with rapid development methodologies, ability to connect across departmental divides, and creative talents enable him to bring entrepreneurial energy and fresh perspective to corporate teams whose successes have created new challenges.