What Does it Mean to be a Preccelerator Startup Mentor? (FAQ)

Startup Mentors at the Preccelerator have extensive domain, investment and entrepreneurial expertise.  We approach mentorship from a “value-first” mindset, without expectation of compensation or immediate referrals.  The involvement and guidance that our startup mentors provide to founders facilitate and enhance the success of our cohort companies.

How should a Preccelerator mentor approach mentorship?

  • Be committed. To be a Preccelerator mentor, one must commit to 2 hours of in-person mentorship at the Preccelerator, once per month.  If you’d like to do more – we’d love to see you!
  • Attend Preccelerator events. Support other mentors’ speaking opportunities at the Preccelerator by attending weekly workshops. Also attend monthly company accountability sessions and pitch practices.
  • Have a “value first” mindset. You’re not here to sell your services.  Please refrain from doing so during mentor office hours.  If a company has a project with which they require assistance outside of office hours, you are welcome to submit a proposal to them for consideration upon request.
  • Be constructive. To an early stage founder, this time is critical to their development.  If change needs to happen, or you as a mentor see roadblocks ahead for them, please advise them and help them navigate their path.  Make sure to distinguish your opinion from market statistics.
  • Share your expertise – but listen too. Give the companies the chance to ask questions and to share their perspectives so that they can better leverage your knowledge and experience.
  • Share your network. Through the “spiderweb” effect, your network becomes an extension of our network as a program, providing huge value to our cohort companies. Make introductions where you see fit! We make sure all founders treat your contacts with the utmost respect and conscientiousness.
  • Influence, don’t control. Founders must make their own decisions, even if you view them as mistakes.  They will weigh your advice and use it as they see fit to navigate their company to success.
  • Believe in a particular founder or business model? Feel free to dedicate additional time to that company to give them a greater chance of success.
  • Please keep all information that you receive from Preccelerator companies confidential and do not share it with other clients or contacts that you may have without the prior consent of company founders.
  • Set actionable items for founders to achieve for your next meeting.
  • Be empathetic. Navigating the startup journey is difficult.

Benefits of Mentorship

  • You feel good! There is nothing like the feeling of giving back.
  • You grow your network! Our network becomes your network.  We’ll send you business referrals as we come across them.
  • You get free marketing and back links. We will feature you on our website with a mentor page and backlink to your own website, which increases your organic SEO. You may also be featured as Mentor of the Month!
  • Speaking and content writing opportunities. Have a topic that is relevant to startups?  Pitch it to our team for consideration for a public facing speaking event or blog and newsletter feature.

Interested in becoming a Preccelerator mentor?

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