Frank Mastronuzzi

Founding Partner
Xcelerate Financial LLC

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*Finance, Operations, Growth Strategy, Strategic Partnerships

When it comes to startup finances, you really want to partner with Xcelerate Financial and Frank Mastronuzzi. Starting with the early days at, Frank has over 15 years of working in a startup environment and with startups. Frank’s real experience with his own startup and alongside others, makes Frank a valuable resource in helping your venture navigate the financial waters of fundraising. Frank has helped fast growth companies including LootCrate, Honey Science Corp, KangarooTime, WaveVR, Curbstand and Crateful LA grow their companies from inception to growth companies. Beyond his strategic role as a strategic CFO, Frank is a revenue-focused and hands on, financial advisor. He gets actively involved in revenue model, projections, insurance, fundraising, risk management, business development and customer acquisition. Xcelerate also helps early stage companies raise funding through an active network of angels, VCs and institutional investors.