Loren Sweitgart

Manager of Strategic Accounts
Supporting Startegies

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*Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales

For more than 25 years, companies have turned to Loren for insights in a range of business issues from accounting, finance, marketing and sales. He can quickly analyze a business’s functions and how they can be improved to tailor what a business owner cares about. Businesses have confidently looked to him to evaluate current processes, identify resources, and offer solutions with a constant eye on increasing both the top and bottom lines.

Before joining Supporting Strategies, Loren was Senior Business Development Manager for a boutique CPA firm that specialized in complex tax and wealth planning for international entrepreneurs and real estate investors. He immediately recognized that the company would benefit by shifting from a transactional, company-centric approach to a more consultative, client-centric operation that resulted in a 15% increase in sales. This sales process change gave clients the assurance and trust that they were working with professionals who genuinely put their needs above the needs of the firm.

As contract Vice President of a management consulting firm, Loren and his team delivered a broad variety of services and strategic value to clients across multiple industries.  Loren has expertise in both online and traditional sales & marketing strategies, team leadership, and channel management. His earlier professional career lends Loren experience and insights in a variety of industries, including publishing, international logistics, film production and media, property tax consulting, and international financial audit services for Fortune 500 companies.

Loren has demonstrated repeatedly his agility in diagnosing clients’ problems, no matter how challenging the field, and implementing appropriate solutions. As a proven team leader, he is eager to deliver the same high-level results and safeguard the best interests of Supporting Strategies’ clients.