Zhen Wang

Financial and Tax Advisor
LinkedIn *Tax, R&D Tax Credits

Based in Los Angeles, California, Zhen focuses his entire effort on helping start-ups succeed with better capital management. At Research Credit Inc., the web application has been created to help start-ups capture refundable tax credits through an automated process. Start-ups who perform software or hardware development in any industries can capture average 10% of the cost as dollar-for-dollar credits. This annual credit is then used to offset the entire company’s FICA payroll taxes until credits are exhausted.

After establishing RCI in 2018 as a start-up of its own, RCI has helped over 26 start-ups in So Cal, and captured over 1.2 Million dollars of credits for the 26 start-ups.  Majority of the start-ups are 1-2 years old with average 3 – 4 total employees.

Prior to establishing RCI, Zhen worked for one of the big 4 accounting firms (Ernst and Young) as their So Cal Inbound Leader, and EY China’s R&D leader. Zhen was also a senior analyst with Goldman Sachs during 2009-2010.

In addition to running RCI, Zhen serves on the advisory board for PlusYoou with a strategic focus on bringing financial, tax and legal training to local Southern California start-ups. Zhen is also an avid tennis player and a certified United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) coach.