Peter Mansfield

Founder/ CMO Consultant

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*CMO Services, Fundraising, Branding, User Acquisition, Strategic Partners

Peter Mansfield is the quintessential startup and growth marketing professional. Over three decades, he has been involved in a notable sequence of early stage company adventures and successes. Peter’s in-the-trenches experience makes him valuable in helping new ventures realize their market potential. He has helped fast growth companies including PropertyBridge, Wallaby Financial, Packeteer, Xircom, and Gearworks reach an aggregate market value of close to $5 billion. Beyond his strategic role as a consultant CMO, Peter gets actively involved in branding, user acquisition, partner development, social media/content, PR, and channel programs. He also helps early stage companies raise funding through an active network of angels, VCs and institutional investors. Peter’s current roster of clients includes Bankrate (Austin, TX), UrgentPoint (Los Angeles), The Build Card (Washington DC), and inerTRAIN (Santa Monica).