Tony Cristiano

Founder & Managing Director
Pivotal Arc
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*Branding/Marketing, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Executive/Management, Product Development, Sales, Pricing, User Research

Tony’s corporate background and entrepreneurial experience yields a rapid assessment of each business, strategic agility and adaptive approaches. Many extensive partnerships and network of relationships established for scale.

He is a hands-on, results-oriented leader with extensive technical depth, business acumen and effective communications skills. With hands-on corporate experience in great companies like IBM, DreamWorks, UTC, and fast-changing entrepreneurial start-ups like Herta Security, he brings a track record of execution results and sustained competitive advantage. Tony excels in key areas:

1. MARKET ENTRY: New, Adjacent & USA market entry
2. CLOSING FLAGSHIP SALES: For growth momentum and scaling in-house sales teams
3. CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT: With both entrepreneurial & corporate experience
4. INVESTMENT & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Position for growth capital and expansion