Delilah Panio

Founder & CEO
Fortuna... A Funding Framework for Women


* Funding, Investor-Readiness, Business Strategy, Pitch Coaching

As the founder of Fortuna, I am passionate about helping women build their dream companies and achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship. Through my one-on-one consulting and soon to be launched online courses, I work with clients on their business and funding strategy and on getting investor-ready.

I am also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of We Are Enough, a non-profit that educates women on why and how to invest in women-owned businesses and/or with a gender lens.

I am very active in the LA entrepreneur community, including as a frequent speaker and pitch coach for organizations such as the Women Founders Network. I am the former Co-Chair of Women in LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association), and was the L.A. Lead for SheEO’s 2016 Radical Generosity program, an innovative new model funding model that calls upon women to commit $1,000 each into a perpetual fund to invest in women-led ventures.

My background is as a capital markets expert with 10 years in business development at the Toronto Stock Exchange, including as the Director, Business Development & Strategy. I have advised many companies on the going public process and can provide an understanding of private and public financing options in Canada and the United States.

I hold an MBA in Enterprise Development and a BA in English, and have completed a certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.