Tony Spore

Founder, CTO

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*Fractional CTO, Full Stack Developer, Ruby On Rails, DevOps, Team Management, Tech Hiring, System Architecture, AWS

Tony Spore started SaasSoft as a resource for SoCal founders and startups to find the right engineers for their products. Helping companies architect the right tech strategy and identifying the best developers for a build is the key to saving countless dollars, resources, and time.

SaasSoft is passionate about building the best products possible, making sure early to mid-stage startups retain their IP and have clean code to build upon.

Tony has been working exclusively with Rails and iOS development for almost a decade and has grown multiple startups to successful companies, most recently including

Check out for a list of recent projects and a full list of services, including Project Management and Technical Strategy, Web Development, Front End Development, Ops & Architecture, Mobile, and Training.