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Preccelerator® U Presents: Developing a Sales Strategy That Builds Traction

How you approach the sales process predicts the end result of either a close or constant follow up. In this workshop, we’ll look at sales strategy and the top things you can do to set up the relationship for success. If you’re concerned about not closing deals, frustrated from constantly chasing or unsure where to spend your time and effort, this is the workshop for you.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021
1:00PM – 2:30PM

Presented by:

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Carrie Lauby

Carrie Lauby is an LA-based sales expert with over 25 years growing B2B2C SaaS companies in digital marketing and streaming media. Carrie and her team deliver customized solutions looking at all levels of the sales funnel including outside teams, inside SDR’s, client retention and online lead conversion. She is a regular speaker on sales and customer service with engagements that include EO, The Channel Company, AA-ISP and ASTA Global Convention.

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Preccelerator® U Presents: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to IP

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Intellectual Property

Kevin DeBré, Chair of the Intellectual Property and Technology Transactions practice and Heather Antoine, Chair of the Trademark and Brand Protection practice at Stubbs Alderton & Markiles will give an interactive overview of copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

In addition, other important key topics will include:

  • What should an entrepreneur consider when choosing a name for their venture?
  • What are Terms of Service and Privacy Policies and why are they important?
  • How should an entrepreneur respond when a potential investor asks if they have any intellectual property?
  • Do you need a lawyer to obtain a trademark or file a patent application?
  • Should you try to patent your idea?
  • Are NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) necessary and what if somebody refuses to sign one?
  • What are some key takeaways about IP entrepreneurs should keep in mind?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
12:00PM – 1:30PM


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Kevin D. DeBré

Kevin D. DeBré is the chair of the Intellectual Property & Technology Transactions Practice Group at Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP. As a business lawyer, Kevin structures and negotiates technology commercialization deals and IP license agreements. As an intellectual property lawyer (and a registered patent attorney), Kevin designs and helps clients implement effective strategies for aligning intellectual property protection efforts with a company’s business objectives. Entrepreneurs and innovators rely on Kevin for guidance when using intellectual property to build their businesses. Kevin has been a “tech lawyer” since the mid-90’s when he was an attorney for a top Silicon Valley law firm and handled technology deals for “startups” such as Cisco Systems, Broadcom and GeoCities. Today, Kevin represents companies of all sizes – from pre-formation to middle market – and a broad spectrum of industries – from AI to VR. Kevin was named 2020 Attorney of the Year for Los Angeles in the area of Technology Law by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers. Kevin received his J.D. from Hastings College of the Law and his B.S. degree from the University of California, Davis.

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Heather Antoine

Heather Antoine is a Partner and Chair of the Firm’s Trademark & Brand Protection practice and Co-Chair of the Privacy & Data Security practice group. Heather Antoine’s practice focuses on protecting a company’s intellectual property; a fundamental feature of every business. Her practice includes trademark clearance and selection, domestic and foreign trademark prosecution, enforcement, proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), licensing, trade secret protection, copyright, rights of publicity, domain names disputes, and general client counseling. Heather Antoine believes in supporting companies at each stage – from due diligence when choosing a name, to ongoing brand management, to ensuring portfolios are safeguarded and ready for sale. Heather serves as Chair of the California Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Section. Heather frequently speaks and writes about IP, Internet, tech, and privacy issues. She has been quoted in publications such as the Los Angeles Times and CNBC. Heather has been recognized by her peers for excellence in her practice, having been selected as Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Star® multiple times.

Preccelerator U: Company Culture w/ Sandra Ortiz

Learn what you need to be doing right now to build a strong company culture from the start!

Have you ever wondered what makes some companies grow fast while others seem to struggle to get ahead or even get started? Or, what makes a company attract the best employees, become great companies to work for, and produce innovative products or services? Your company culture is the engine that fuels your business growth and it is your leadership that drives which direction your company will go.

Come to this webinar to learn what you need to be doing right now to build a strong company culture from the start and discover how your leadership style can impact the culture you build and how to align it to what matters most to you and to get the results you want.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020
12:00PM – 1:30PM

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Sandra Ortiz, is a Partner at Evolution. Sandra is an executive coach, team facilitator, and leadership expert that brings her vast experience in talent management, executive and leadership coaching, team development, and culture transformation to create breakthrough results for her clients.

Her coaching and training programs inspire leadership potential at all levels of an organization to be unleashed, and help create a strong foundation for individual, team, and business growth.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Human and Organizational Development and is a certified professional coach. She has 20 years’ experience including serving as an advisor to Fortune 500 C-Suites and senior executive teams in global and matrix organizations operating in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Evolution is a coaching and consulting firm providing coaching, training, and facilitation services along with diversity, equity, and inclusion work for venture-backed start-ups. Some of Evolution’s clients include Slack, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn along with early stage Founders.

Sandra Ortiz may be contacted at Sandra@evolution.team

Preccelerator Webinar: Fundraising Success with Brian Mac Mahon

Join our session and find out the top 5 reasons why some entrepreneurs get seed funding and why many do not. We will go deeper than just the pitch deck and its structure and look at what you can do as an entrepreneur to attract investment today.

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020
12:00PM – 1:30PM

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Brian Mac Mahon is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has owned companies in over 35 countries. He is also the owner of Expert DOJO, the most active International startup accelerator in Southern California. At Expert DOJO early stage startups receive $100,000 investment, success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. Their patented 12 step accelerator is unlike any other program available and gives direct access to specialists in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, growth hacking and so much more. In 2018 & 2019 Expert DOJO brought 400 companies through their startup programs and made 42 investments. They are planning to bring 2,000 companies through their program this year and make 25 more investments. All you want to know about Brian is contained in his TEDx talk – https://youtu.be/Y6f7lFy0oW0

Preccelerator Webinar: Strategic Partnerships with Jonathan Tavvs

In every business environment, To Partner Or Not To Partner is ALWAYS the question. When the right partnership can immediately grow your user base, drive funding and/or bring your product to market, it’s clear all partnerships are not created equal. Discover practices and choices that lead to positive outcomes and keep the regrettable ones at bay. Explore how your venture should regard partnerships – what to look for in a partnership and what they are looking for in return.

Put simply, everything is a partnership; Investors, partners, employees, vendors, promoters, conferences… Gain the steps to driving better expectations, agreements, and outcomes.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
12:00PM – 1:30PM

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Co-Founder and Director of Kaleidoko,
Jonathan Tavss is an award-winning futurist, entrepreneur, marketer and strategist with a knack for breaking down the highly complex – or even the mundane – into simple terms that trigger new ideas and fresh, easy to activate theories and practices. Jonathan is a global leader in marrying business strategy, consumer insight and technology, and is sought by companies ranging from Fortune 100 to start-ups for product development, content creation, distribution, change management and global positioning guidance.

Over the decades, Jonathan has been an executive for, or served client ventures including 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, ABC, OwnZones Media Network, Cogsdill, ABS-CBN International, Real Medicine Foundation, Altar Furniture and the Empact Change Foundation. In addition to being a frequent speaker at media, entertainment, museum and retail conferences, Jonathan is also a Fellow of The RSA, Co-Director of the Augmented Society Network and a mentor for the Stubbs Alderton Preccelerator Program.

Preccelerator Webinar: Business Resilience in a Crisis w Christine Perakis

Navigating this “Category 5” Global Pandemic to Come through Thriving

  • The 6 Steps of Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses
  • The 3 Things Senior Leaders Must Do During a Crisis to create Business Resilience
  • Creating a “Float Plan” to Make Your Business Invincible in Any Weather
  • Motivating Your Team During (and After) a Disaster
  • Creating a Communication Plan (both corporate and individual)


Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
12:00PM – 1:30PM

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Christine is a business growth architect who guides small business owners to get from 0 to 8-Figures in Record Time, drawing from her experiences as an attorney, strategic adviser, serial entrepreneur and C-Suite executive in 10 businesses, a professionally-licensed 100-Ton boat captain, while also helping 100s of clients on 5 continents to do the same.

Most recently, having survived two category 5 hurricanes in two weeks, trapped alone in a wind coffin for almost 24 hours, and surviving in the aftermath for months without electricity, running water and telecoms, Christine shares the resilience and leadership strategies that helped her weather the storms in life and business. Her book, The Resilient Leader: Life-Changing Strategies to Overcome Today’s Turmoil and Tomorrow’s Uncertainty, available here, introduces the “7 Barometers of Resilience” that can help anyone weather the Category 5 “storms” we all encounter, like this current global pandemic that has forced half the world’s population into lockdown and shuttered countless businesses, perhaps indefinitely, to become invincible. Christine shares what it takes to achieve that in her radio show, “Career Invincibility.” Her bestselling The Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap: Take Your Business from 0 to 7-Figures in Record Time is a small business survival guide, released in 2016.


The Resilient Leader

Preccelerator Webinar: Equity & Alternative Compensation w/ Louis Wharton

For a company founder, it is easy to understand the benefits of providing stock or stock options to employees. It’s a way of compensating employees that doesn’t drain cash from the business. Employees will feel invested in the future success of the company. Join us to get insights and wisdom about maximizing opportunities and minimizing mistakes in creating equity.

If you did not have a chance to attend this workshop on equity and alternative compensation for startups with Louis Wharton, the entire webinar can be found here.

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Louis A. Wharton is a Partner of the firm. Louis’ practice focuses on advising venture capital funds and angel networks, along with middle-market, emerging growth, early-stage and public companies in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities compliance and general corporate matters.

He counsels clients in the technology, e-commerce, and digital media, among others.

Preccelerator Webinar: Customer Discovery w/ Eric P. Rose

This talk will cover the preliminary market research work of Customer Discovery, that is to discover who would most value your proposed new product. It will also cover the tough decisions to then tailor your product in a way that the market values the most and yields the best return on its development investment.

If you did not have a chance to attend this workshop on customer discovery with Eric P. Rose, the entire webinar can be found here.

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Eric P. Rose, NPDP, MBA

Founder & President, Pinnacle Product Innovation, Inc.

Eric’s company helps entrepreneurs move new products from an opportunity into market reality. Services offered include Market Research, Product Development, Manufacturing Sourcing, R&D Project Management, IP Commercialization. Eric has worked in the Consumer, Medical, and Industrial product markets with companies including Baxter Healthcare and Mattel. Eric’s background includes,

BS Product Design (ASU), MBA Marketing / Entrepreneurship (Pepperdine)

35+ years’ professional experience in new product development and commercialization experience with companies ranging from startups through Fortune 500 firms.

Certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP) from Product Development and Management Association (www.pdma.org)

Part-time professor since 2009 including Pepperdine (MBA, Product Innovation), Loyola Marymount (BA, Entrepreneurship, Product & Business Design), MBA@Rice (MBA Marketing), and Guest Lecturer, USC Technology Commercialization course. Currently an Entrepreneur in Residence CSUN.

Preccelerator Webinar: Managing your Talent w/ Peter Deragon

Hiring the right talent for your company is just as crucial as having a great product. A team of talented and hardworking people not only aid the founders in taking their mission of building a successful company forward, but also helps build the right culture for a company. This workshop will explore the first things first in building your Startup Team and managing your talent.

If you did not have a chance to attend this workshop on managing your talent with peter Deragon, the entire webinar can be found here.

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Peter Deragon
Managing Director
Global Sector Leader, Logistics Services
Global Sector Leader Capital Markets & Investment Banking

In his current role as Managing Director and Global Sector Leader at Stanton Chase’s Los Angeles office, Pete is active in North America leadership roles: in the Supply Chain, Logistics, & Transportation Group, which includes Aerospace and Aviation, the CFO Practice Group, and in Financial Services, where he started his career. Pete leads a diverse team of search consultants with senior-level experience in executive search for media, entertainment and television, technology, industrial, consumer products, not-for-profit, and life sciences & healthcare. Complementary to executive search, our offices provide high-level executive assessments and data-rich compensation reports for our clients.

Pete has 30-plus years of experience as a trusted adviser and manager in business-to-business environments. Based on a career begun in financial services that evolved into institutional sales and then executive search, Pete has called on hundreds of companies and organizations throughout the West. He has called many cities in California “home base,” namely San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles. Now leading Stanton Chase’s Executive Search initiatives in California, our team serves public and private companies and public agency organizations across nine industry groups.

Our global collaboration ensures that our clients benefit from broad marketplace and domain knowledge, subject matter expertise, and vital executive connections. We apply proven processes to complete challenging executive search assignments. Pete has completed hundreds of senior assignments, and his technical expertise, solid support team, and high energy result in expeditious hires and repeat business.

Pete grew up in Southern California and earned a degree in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. When he is not pounding on a keyboard, meeting with his team, or interviewing, he can often be found racing motorcycles on one of California’s many local tracks.

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Preccelerator Webinar: New Rules in Pricing w/ Per Sjofors

This presentation will cover the following topics and include several exercises to help you in your quest to price your services or products “right”.

• Why pricing has the highest leverage on profits.

• How we humans make our buying decisions, and how the seller can increasing customers’ willingness to pay.

• How to measure the customer perceived value of a product or service, and to translate it at the right price.

• How the seller can influence the buyer’s willingness to pay and buy, leading to higher sales at higher prices.

• How the current pandemic may have altered the decision landscape and how that may influence how companies market, sell. and price their product or service.

• The presentation is built on case studies and not theories.

Attendees will learn tips and techniques that can be implemented already the same day, and that drives higher sales volume at higher prices .

If you did not have a chance to attend this workshop on new rules for pricing with per Sjofors, the entire webinar can be found here.

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Per Sjofors, Founder of Atenga Insights.

Pricing has always been an interest-area for Per. As a serial entrepreneur, running companies in Europe and the US, he did pricing experiments. Some of these worked spectacularly well, some did not work at all. As a result, Per founded Atenga out of his frustration that what business schools teach about pricing is too abstract, too academic for a business executive to act on. Likewise, with books about pricing. Consequently, he set out to make pricing practical and actionable. “Pricing for business people.” Since then, he has been at the forefront as a thought leader in everything pricing and he is a sought-after speaker for a variety of conferences and business circuits.

Per appears regularly on business radio shows and gets quoted regularly in the financial press, including Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Street, Industry Week, Business Insider, and the Financial Times.

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