Everything About… 409A Valuations

11 June, 2020

As an entrepreneur, the valuation of your company is something that you’re always thinking about. However, you may have heard something about a 409A valuation and are wondering… What is...

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5 Marketing Tips to Staying Profitable During a Global Pandemic

15 April, 2020

We know it feels like the end of days right now. People are frankly freaked out about the coronavirus (or COVID-19). But if we don’t adjust our thinking around this,...

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Want Success During a Recession?

31 March, 2020

Most “corporations are still choosing to cut costs as a means to improve productivity as opposed to investing in human or technological capital.” - Carl Tannenbaum, LaSalle Bank/ABN Amro One...

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Return of the P-Word

4 March, 2020

The headlines have been rough for growth startups in recent months (insert link about WeWork). It has been particularly challenging for growth startups and their investors looking to take their...

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Does Your Company Need a Crisis Plan?

19 February, 2020

You have worked hard to build a thriving business… then the unthinkable happens… your company is thrust into the limelight… nationally and negatively! Do you have a crisis plan? “It...

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Laurel Mintz

Understanding the Relationship Between Marketing and Sales

22 January, 2020

We hear it all the time. We meet with a prospective client and we ask our most important question, “What are your marketing goals?” to which she responds, “Sales.” Increasing...

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How a Company Not Using PR Consultants Can Best Handle Its Own Public Relations

8 January, 2020

In strategizing effective communications, what you say is as important as what you don’t say. The message must be strategically planned to achieve the purpose you desire, to target the...

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Fundamentals of a Winning Business Model

5 December, 2019

At the core of every successful company is a strong business model. Your business model is the blueprint for how your business will make money (or not). But for many...

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Carrie Pobre

Three Ways to Know When Your Team Needs Sales Training

20 November, 2019

There are three common situations I run into that prompt businesses to look into sales training. Sometimes they may have tried to solve any one of these, for years, before...

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How To Do Your Own PR: For Entrepreneurial Companies

6 November, 2019

How many of you watch television news daily? Listen to news radio as you commute? Read your local daily newspaper? Or the Wall Street Journal? Have you ever wondered how...

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