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Preccelerator® U:Venture Storytelling w/ Jonathan Tavss

Join Jonathan Tavss for this highlights-only version of Kaleidoko’s 2½ day intensive Venture Storytelling Workshops exploring the positioning of any venture for multiple audiences. Whether an entrepreneur or an executive, a creative or numbers person, creating simple content or designing killer gadgets, this workshop guides disparate professionals in the keys to conveying compelling stories that engage the many different audience needs across diverse platforms.

Storytelling is more than skin deep and should be directed by an entity’s Brand. Unfortunately, too many companies lack a true understanding of what Brand really entails and how a well-considered and developed one can strengthen any venture’s storytelling and resonance – regardless of audience.

Join us to learn:

– Numerous ways to amplify opportunities, starting with the foundation of any pitch: the story.

– How the considered development of your brand provides super powers for effective engagement while consistently addressing evolution and change.

– Key considerations for adapting story (or Spin) to absolutely reach your intended audience – consumers, investors, strategic partners, workforce and more.


Tuesday, May 11th , 2021
12:00PM – 1:30PM


 Preccelerator® U Presents : Venture Storytelling w/ Jonathan Tavss image

Jonathan Tavss

Co-Founder and Director of Kaleidoko, Jonathan Tavss is an award-winning futurist, entrepreneur, marketer and strategist with a knack for breaking down the highly complex – or even the mundane – into simple terms that trigger new ideas and fresh, easy to activate theories and practices. Jonathan specializes in marrying business strategy, consumer insight and technology; all with humanity at the core.

Over the decades, Jonathan has been an executive for, or served client ventures including 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, ABC, Cogsdill International, ABS-CBN, Real Medicine Foundation, Altar Furniture and Empact Change Foundation. In addition to being a frequent speaker at media, entertainment, museum and retail conferences, he has held an Adjunct Professor position within Boston University’s Graduate Media Ventures Program. Jonathan is also a Fellow of The RSA, Co-Founder of the Augmented Society Network and a Stubbs Alderton Preccelerator mentor.

You’re Invited to a Preccelerator Workshop: Strategic Partnerships with Jonathan Tavss

“Strategic Partnerships”
Presented by Jonathan Tavss

Strategic Partnerships: Everything is a Dance. Care to Join?


Strategic partnerships are integral to businesses both big and small. Unfortunately, most partnerships are not created equal and outcomes can be deeply affected when not giving deliberate consideration to who should be teamed up with and why.

Consider how the venture should regard partnerships – what they should be looking for in a partnership – and what those partners are actually looking for in return.

Put a simpler way: everything is a partnership. What are investors, collaborators, employees, vendors, and conferences looking for from you? With this understanding, better sourcing, agreements, communication, and outcomes can be had.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019
12:00PM – 1:30PM


Jonathan Tavss
Co-Founder and Director – Kaleidoko

Operating as a world-renowned guide to organizations and individuals globally who wish to understand discourse on exponential technological growth and its connection to cultural change, Jonathan Tavss triggers springboards for business realignment to drive impact and results. At his core, he is a connector – literally and figuratively – between the realities of today and the sustainable possibilities of tomorrow. Jonathan is sought out by companies ranging from Fortune 100 to start-ups – including international entertainment studios, media firms, CPG brands and service corporations – to advise in business strategy, product development, content creation, distribution, change management and global positioning.

In 2017, Jonathan launched the global venture, Kaleidoko, bringing transformation and shifted perspectives to its clients as they optimize productivity, expand audiences and more deftly handle inevitable change. Kaleidoko prods corporations, organizations and individuals to see things differently in order to achieve true potential through consulting, multi-modal training and inspirational keynotes.

Over the decades, Jonathan has planned and directed operational transformations, content initiatives, product development, integrated marketing campaigns or advised companies including 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, ABC, OwnZones Media, ABS-CBN International, ALTAR Furniture, Real Medicine Foundation, PromaxBDA, and Sporcle.

Based in the heart of Silicon Beach, Jonathan is also a professor and advisor for Boston University’s Graduate Program in Media Ventures, a Fellow of The Royal Society of the Arts and a mentor with the Stubbs Alderton Preccellerator and Accellerator programs. Jonathan’s insatiable thirst for knowledge drives him to constantly dig deeper – leading to his ability to provoke and inspire others for the mindful betterment of society.

Tavss is a frequent speaker at media, entertainment, business transformation, museum and retail conferences. Past engagements include GoaFest, Leaders in Islamabad, Ad:Tech, Cynopsis, Digital Hollywood, AdAsia, San Diego Comic-Con and the Southeastern Museum Conference.

Twitter: @JTavss
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathantavss

SAM Preccelerator
1316 3rd Street Promenade, Suite 107
Santa Monica, CA 90401

We hope to see you there!

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Introducing the Startup Superhero Video Series! – This Week Featuring Jonathan Tavss on “Utilizing Mentorship”

Stubbs Alderton & Markiles and the Preccelerator Program are proud to announce the launch of their Startup Superhero Video Series – featuring SA&M Attorneys, Preccelerator Mentors, and entrepreneurs on topics specific to entrepreneurship and lessons learned throughout the journey.

This week we’re featuring Preccelerator Mentor Jonathan Tavss of Kaleidoko, Inc. as he chats about “Utilizing Mentorship.” Jonathan Tavss is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketer, strategist, and content creator with more than two decades of experience leading content creation, distribution, product development and global marketing for international entertainment studios, Media firms, CPG brands and service corporations.





Heidi: Jonathan, what do you see being the most important benefit to the Preccelerator companies in regards to mentorship? 

Jonathan: I guess the one that just sticks out the most is connections. Right?  It gives you resources that you might not otherwise have. What I have seen, are the companies that really succeed, are the ones that take advantage. It’s almost like a secret thing, the fact that there’s so many mentors here, there’s so many people that you can call upon. That in and of itself is something that people aren’t used to.  A. having the people to talk to and, B. knowing what to ask of them. It’s interesting because in success you will have a lot of people coming in wanting to be an advisor. Can I be on your board? Wanting to do all that kind of stuff and in this secure environment you can work with different advisors on different things, even advisors that do similar things to each other, to really get a sense of how you are going to work best with them.

Heidi: With your personal background, with your professional background what perspectives do you bring as a mentor 

Jonathan: I think it really is tied to what Kaleidoko is all about, which is to brand holistically. How you position, but it’s not just about the marketing. It’s how you set up your company to be able to deal with change that is constant. With Kaleidoko we usually work with later stage companies and so it’s a matter of going in and seeing what fundamental bricks were not placed as they were rushed to deliver to clients’ needs. We go in with that fresh look we really fill in those bricks. What I deal with for these participating companies is to help them be mindful of those fundamental pieces that you need to be able to set up for your company so that you can be successful moving forward into the future. 

Heidi: If you could give one piece of advice to the companies based on your breath of experience, what would that be? 

Jonathan: I think it would be to have your eye’s wide open all the time. As a founder you’re really heads down, running that sprint to get to where you’re trying to go. You have got to keep your eyes open to see what’s happening culturally, what’s happening technologically. Mentors, advisors, board members, or employees will come up with different ideas. So, it’s a matter of really capturing that. Also, something that I find interesting; there’s a lot of companies out there that set off to do a certain thing and as they were developing that certain thing. They found, this pot of gold, that they were just creating to help them deliver, what they thought was a value, but the real value is over here. So, not that you’re trying to go right, left, all over the place. What you want to be doing is to be able to keep your eyes open. What is that IP? What is that certain thing that might be a different direction, but that might be your real winner?

Heidi: One last question. What is your favorite thing about being a mentor at the Preccelerator. What does it give to you?

Jonathan: I got involved because I really wanted to find a way to give back. Being that I am also a university professor you know I have always just been of the “how can I help other people” mindset. This was just a great opportunity to be able to do so and meet a lot of really great people. Both on the company side and the mentor side. There’s some really strong participants all over the place. That’s why I was really excited to be a part of it.

Heidi: Very much appreciate you.

Jonathan: Thanks.

Jonathan Tavss
Kaleidoko, Inc.



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