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Screen Door Labs CEO Kari Wu Featured Speaker at Mobile World Congress Americas

screen door labsCongratulations to Preccelerator company Screen Door Lab’s CEO Kari Wu on her upcoming speaking engagement for Mobile World Congress Americas. Screen Door Labs is a part of class 10 of the Preccelerator and will graduate from the program in January 2019. Mobile World Congress is a production of 4 Years From Now [4YFN.] 4FYN is a startup business platform that enables startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.

To view the speakers and register for the event visit here.

About Screen Door Labs 
Screen Door Labs created ARescue, an Augmented Reality team communication software for “boots on the ground”. Built for first responders, the system organizes and displays data onto AR glasses. First responders have access to 2D and 3D maps, as well as geotags and video, feeds from drone operators and other responders. ARescue allows first responders to work safer, respond faster, and communicate better as a team.
Visit www.screendoorlabs.com for more information.

For more about the Preccelerator® Program or to apply,  contact Heidi Hubbeling, COO at (310) 746-9803 or hhubbeling@stubbsalderton.com