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Preccelerator® U: Metrics that Matter w/ Jeremy Wall of GoalMakers

As business owners and operators, we have usually got dozens (if not hundreds) of things on our plate—however, we often lose sight of the most important piece of your sustained success, having our financials in order. To build further on the Preccelerator’s Financial Awareness month mentor presentations, Jeremy Wall co-founder of GoalMakers will help highlight a few of the most important metrics you need to be aware of through some simple, yet financial calculations for your business. The goal will be to share 15 formulas that every business should be able to calculate, only needing your income statement and balance sheet. These standardized metrics will help you monitor and measure trends in your business over time as well as to your competitors across the industry.


Tuesday, April 27th, 2021
12:00PM – 1:30PM


Jeremy Wall

Jeremy Wall

CEO of GoalMakers


Jeremy Wall is both a Preccelerator alumni and mentor, his first company Lumenus was a IoT startup that recently had a Taiwanese partner come in and take forward. In his search for his next opportunity Wall had the pleasure to meet John Cioffi, esteemed business coach and published author, by attending Cioffi’s seminar “The 5-Day MBA” an intensive weeklong business training program—Wall was immediately enamored with the material. As someone who had real-life experience in the trenches of entrepreneurship but not a formal business degree, the curriculum focused in both business financial literacy and management training were skills that he needed. John Cioffi knew that his in-person teachings were limited in their access, so Cioffi partnered with Jeremy Wall on launching a digital version of this program now called the GoalMakers 90-Day MBA.