Preccelerator Alumni Company Napkin Finance Partners with UBS

18 December 2018

napkin financePreccelerator alumni company Napkin Finance announced this week their new partnership with UBS Equity Plan Advisory Services (EPAS) to provide financial literacy content for investments.

“Collaborating with UBS to bring their vision to life was a great opportunity for us. We appreciated the chance to further our mission of explaining financial concepts in a unique and simple way, and empowering people to take charge of their finances,” said Tina Hay, Founder of Napkin Finance®.

To read the full press release from UBS visit here.

About Napkin Finance
Napkin Finance is a multimedia company that grew out of their own needs for a better way to learn and understand finance. They developed their platform as a quick and easy resource for everything you need to know about money in 30 seconds or less. Their mission is to empower readers to manage their money and understand basic financial concepts in a simple, fun and engaging way. In addition to Napkins, they have grown into a wide range of products and features including:  Videos, Life Events, NapkinGrams, and a Glossary of Terms. Most importantly, Napkin Finance has become a community of ideas and concepts that has empowered their readers to fully understand the complexity of personal finance.

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