Preccelerator Alumni Company nēdl Officially Launches!

27 March 2018

nedl Congratulations to SAM Preccelerator company nēdl on their official launch on Amazon Alexa Echo devices and Alexa Cars including Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mini and Ford. nēdl (like the haystack) is a search engine designed to make live streams discoverable to radio listeners. They turn every word you broadcast and note you play into a magnet to attract new listeners in real-time. Search for “Needle Now..” to find them and start your modern radio experience.

Find nēdl here.

About nēdl  
 uses proprietary Speech Recognition to let you search within 100,000+ live news, sports, talk, and music broadcast streams to find what you want and listen to the stream or add your unique voice to the global real-time database for instant discovery. Visit

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