SAM Preccelerator® Company nēdl Named Finalist in PILOT Innovation Challenge

19 October 2017

nēdlSAM Preccelerator Company nēdl, an app that allows radio listeners to use speech recognition to eliminate the need to go station-to-station to find specific news, sports, talk and music, has been named among the 12 finalists for the PILOT Innovation Challenge. PILOT is an innovation initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). The PILOT Innovation Challenge recognizes creative ideas that leverage technological advances in the production, distribution and display of engaging content.

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About nēdl  
 uses proprietary Speech Recognition to let you search within 100,000+ live news, sports, talk, and music broadcast streams to find what you want and listen to the stream or add your unique voice to the global real-time database for instant discovery. Visit

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