Preccelerator® Program Company Napkin Finance is Now in Spanish!

25 July 2017

Napkin Finance Preccelerator Program Company Napkin Finance is proud to announce that its site is now available in Spanish.

“Our new Spanish site is designed to help empower Spanish-speakers to take control of their finances through the Napkin Finance platform.” – Tina Hay, Founder

Readers can browse by topic, including everything from investing to insurance, or by life events, such as buying a home, getting married, or planning for retirement. In partnership with Michelle Obama, their Reach Higher course has also been translated into Spanish, providing information on how to seize opportunities for financial aid.

Visit their new site here.

About Napkin Finance 
Napkin Finance is a multimedia company that grew out of a need for a better way to learn and understand finance. The Napkins were inspired by challenges the founders faced as visual learners in a world of numbers and text. Starting from one sketch on compound interest, Napkin Finance was born. The platform has now grown into an extensive library with content across a wide range of topics. Today, they are thrilled to be launching their Spanish site.

Check out Napkin Finance below:




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