Preccelerator® Program Company Animate Objects Featured as Official AR App at VRLA Expo 2017

13 April 2017

animate objects

ARGO Adds Augmented Reality Infotainment, Commerce, and Analytics To “Destination Venues.”

Guests are engaged and incentivized while site operators get all new insight into their patrons.

Preccelerator Program company Animate Objects (AO) is excited to announce the launch of ARGO, the gamified AR location platform that drives engagement and commerce at “Destination Venues” like theme parks, resort, shopping malls, as well as in-the-wild. While ARGO keeps guests occupied, venue operators use ARGO’s real-time management dashboard to monitor and analyze their visitors and properties.

“Every single destination venue is being hijacked by competing brands right on their property. ARGO enables these operators to take back control of their premises and gives guests a reason to share their information.” said CEO of AO, Chance Roth. “It’s truly a new way to always be connected to your customers, and maximize their experience before, during and after their visit.”

ARGO creates a completely immersive experience throughout a venue including enhanced attractions, shop, food and merchandise. Long wait times become play time. Dioramas, set pieces and merchandise become fully interactive and augmented. Venues use ARGO’s real-time dashboard to manage the operation and identify and drive traffic to underutilized areas maximizing revenue per square foot by leveraging real-time and historical guest data.

AO is also proud to have ARGO named as the official AR App for the VRLA Expo 2017. They are looking for new partner venues and licensing opportunities for “in-the-wild” deployments.

AO is a leading developer of Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR and AR) software, tools and experiences for consumer product, shopping and theme park industries. Roth is a veteran entrepreneur having started a successful toy company and one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history that actually shipped.

Check out Argo this weekend at VRLA Expo 2017, click below to purchase tickets.
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