Preccelerator® Program Alumni Company Rally Networks Featured in Virgin Media Business Blog

10 April 2017

Rally NetworksPreccelerator® Program alumni company Rally Networks was featured on the Virgin Media Business Blog catching up with co-founder Cory Azzalino and discussing how far the company has come in the six months since they have left the Virgin Media Business Accelerator, including a partnership with black cab hailing app GETT. Congratulations Rally on all your progress!

About Rally Networks
Mobile apps are the best way to keep connected to customers, but the biggest problem for businesses is how do you actually get your customers to discover and download your app? Rally solves this problem by reaching and rewarding customers for their engagement when they are in relevant locations, leading to incredible activation rates. Rally is a marketing technology company helping businesses make lasting connections with their customers. Rally helps transition customers onto mobile platforms and drives higher sales through increased customer loyalty, satisfaction, foot traffic and dwell time. Rally collects data and engages customers with custom content served at the most opportune time.

To read the full article visit the Virgin Media Business Blog here. 

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