Preccelerator Program Company Ballerz World’s Version 2.0 is a Slam Dunk

16 November 2016

ballerzworld-logoStubbs Alderton & Markiles’ Preccelerator Program company Ballerz World announced today that it has launched its version 2.0 in the iOS App Store.  Founded by Navy veterans Kyle E. Cox and Nicholas Damuth, Ballerz World is the single largest marketplace that is dedicated to all things basketball. They help their worldwide users find basketball courts, as well as connect and play basketball with one another using their geo-location technology and over 12,000 pre-loaded basketball courts in every country, all while providing their users an opportunity to view and share content, in addition to buying discounted basketball gear via the in-app store portal.

During their beta phase, the Ballerz World basketball app received more than 10 awards, including the People’s Choice Award at the CES Mobile Apps Showdown, and the Best GPS-Enabled App at the Mobile App Awards.

Version 2.0 of Ballerz World includes additional aggregated content from top Basketball creators such as trainers, leagues, highlights, news and lifestyle influencers, as well as the expansion and official debut of their in-app store portal.

“Man, I wish I’d had this type of app when I was playing pickup,” Co-Founder Kyle E. Cox stated. The Ballerz World brainstorm came to him while driving around Los Angeles thinking about basketball. “What if there was an app that tells you where the courts are, all around you? That would be so cool!”

To check out and download the Ballerz World App, click here.

For more information about the Preccelerator Program, contact Heidi Hubbeling at (310) 746-9803 or hhubbeling@