Preccelerator Workshop: Lean Startup 101 w/ Zhen Wang

5 March 2020

In this workshop, Zhen will go over both back-office admin and product team functions to help founders balance between cash spend and doing the right thing. Zhen will also go over a more important aspect of how to save money by focusing on startups’ one-metric-that-mater (OMTM). The workshop will cover finding resources available to spend the least amount on legal, accounting, and tax, while using the cash saved to focus on your OMTM.

Some of the topics include:

• How to close your books yourself
• Minimizing tax return preparation cost to $800
• Finding ways to get money back from the Government – R&D credits and Payroll credits
• Costly mistakes to avoid in the New Year – Payroll, CA SOI, DE Tax, Nexus tax (very high level)
• Doing a financial projection like your life depends on it
• Experience sharing on finding product market fit with low CAC
• Specific Q&A

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
12:00PM – 1:30PM

Presented by:

Zhen Wang

Zhen is an experienced Financial and Tax advisor to many startups in the California region. Zhen’s primary objective for helping startups is to leverage limited resources (cash) to maximize growth potential. After spending a decade at EY (one of the 4 largest accounting firms), Zhen become a SaaS founder himself and focuses especially on the lean method of the product and process development using proven financial and tax strategies for startups. CEOs, founders, or COOs found Zhen’s experience in setting objective key result (OKR) using financial metrics to be rewarding and empowering.