Preccelerator Company Checkplis and Founder Abner Flores Featured on SoCal Tech

12 June 2019

checkplisPreccelerator company Checkplis and founder Abner Flores were featured this past week on SoCal Tech’s new video interview series. Checkplis is an early, bootstrapped startup developing software for mobile payment and restaurant maintenance. Checkplis and founder Abner Flores are part of Class 10 of the Preccelerator.

To view Abner’s interview visit here. 

About Checkplis
Checkplis believes people should feel like they are visiting friends when they go out for a meal or drinks with their friends. It’s all about the experience. They are solving the last mile problem of the hospitality industry service. Whether a solo lunch, a brunch with girlfriends or a table with friends at a club, paying the check can ruin what otherwise would be a great experience after an amazing meal or drinks with friends. Checkplis is a mobile app integrated into POS systems so customers can pay, tip and split the check themselves, all from their phones. They are strategic partners and experience creators for restaurant, bar and nightclub industry leaders. Visit