Preccelerator Mentor Spotlight: Santhosh Devati

1 March 2019

santhosh devatiSANTHOSH DEVATI
Anamika Ventures


Santhosh Devati is a dreamer, problem-solver, serial entrepreneur and a proven leader in the technology industry for past 20+ years. In his professional journey thus far, he has advised and created Business/Data Analytics/Technology Solutions for national brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, Allergan and many more. In recent years, he has mentored 200+ business owners, startup, entrepreneurs and professionals to succeed in their pursuit.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about being a meaningful catalyst in helping individuals to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship and in realizing their dreams.

What one piece of advice would you give to an early stage startup regarding your area of expertise?

Research, Research, Research!

Defining a target market and focusing on the market opportunity is foundational to moving forward in business. Go in knowing that it will take research, tapping into hard data, and crunching numbers. Seek out experts and potential consumers in order to get to the heart of who your target market is and where there is the most opportunity.

One reason research is so important for entrepreneurs is that you might have an incredible business plan with great marketing and sales strategies, financial forecasts, and operational targets, but without defining the actual market opportunity within your target market, you are wading into unknown territory. That’s dangerous because it means your product or service might not be needed or even wanted.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the black hole of the unknown.

Lest you risk falling into yet another entrepreneurial abyss, take time to identify and communicate what sets you and your service apart from competitors.

What do you like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator?

Access to quality individuals who are driven, willing to learn and passionate to make an impact positively in the marketplace/community. More importantly, VIBE at the Preccelerator.