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QuestionPro, a global leader in online survey and research services, is launching free access to its most robust research software license for Startups and Incubators, with the aim of giving away 5 million dollars worth of value over the next year to over 1,000 startups.

Get access to our full Research Edition license with 5,000 responses included (a $10,000/year value). Even better – if you have an incubator or accelerator program apply here on your behalf, you can get another 5,000 responses (for a total of 10,000). Please email Len Lanzi for the code to access this perk.

“Over the years we have seen how influential startups are to the economy and how important market research is to a startups success,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, Founder at QuestionPro. “As a bootstrapped company, we know how important it is to have access to the right tools, right people and even more important – right data.”


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