Your personal equity administrator has arrived

“Managing cap tables can be quite burdensome and complex, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Checkmate Equity. Checkmate Equity’s team of experts have helped many companies, from pre-funding through pre-IPO, with managing their equity.

If you aren’t already utilizing a platform such as Carta to maintain your cap table, we recommend working with our trusted partner, Checkmate Equity, to get you set up on Carta Launch. Carta Launch is a free plan for early-stage companies and Checkmate Equity will manage the entire onboarding for a flat rate of $500. Checkmate Equity offers additional discounts for Preccelerator companies such as 15% off their Equity Administration service (ongoing cap table maintenance) and 15% off their Premier Onboarding service for companies that don’t qualify for Carta Launch.

Click here to claim this exclusive offer we’ve arranged with Checkmate Equity.”


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