Equity for today’s most successful startup teams

Cap table and employee equity plans can be complex and painful for startups, particularly as you scale your team. We have recently partnered with Cake Equity to help you streamline global equity management.

Have you heard of Cake?

  • Instant, easy, contains country-specific templates and works in minutes, not weeks
  • Hire and issue equity globally and access international investors
  • They’re super friendly and approachable
  • Their team is there when you need them
  • Their pricing is super competitive and a great way to save $$

Cake is offering our companies discounts on their subscriptions plus free onboarding for your existing cap table and ESOP. Here’s a brief​​ video on how Cake works. Would this be valuable to your team? If so, please use this link to book a time to find out more from the Cake team.”


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