Travis Falstad

Technology and Marketing Entrepreneur

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*Marketing, branding, game, mobile, and VR development

Travis currently acts as Managing Director of Uncanny Ridge, a gaming and simulation studio
based in Los Angeles. One current virtual reality project under development for Siemens uses a
Serious VR game to education MRI technicians. An entertainment example is Red Bull TV’s VR
application for the Oculus Go release.

Travis also acts as Development Director for RelayCars, the most downloaded automotive VR
research application on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, iOS and Android. With over 1 million
downloads, RelayCars puts users in the driver’s seat of every make and model released in
North America since 2015. Experiences include a virtual test ride, American Muscle Cars, and
Exotics. Travis is an instructor for the New York Film Academy’s Game Design Program and teaches marketing and business classes.

Travis has worked in the gaming and simulation space for over 10 years. Starting in 2008, as Marketing Director at Electronic Arts, Travis helped develop the marketing and monetization strategy for a slate of mobile social games on Facebook, Google, and mobile with 2MM+ users.

Starting in 20011, he managed production for defense contractor, Creative Technologies, Inc. While at CTI, Travis oversaw production for the winning game in the Intelligence Advanced Projects Activity’s SIRIUS Program. The goal of the SIRIUS program was to use game environments to train intelligence analysts to identify and mitigate bias in their analysis including fundamental attribution error, bias blind spot, and confirmation bias. While at CTI, he also supervised development of a part-task trainer flight simulator for Boeing using the Oculus DK-1 and a variety of other projects for the Department of Defense.

Prior to to his work in gaming and simulation Travis worked for 10 years in the music business.