Tim Offutt

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


*Product development, marketing, user experience, business development.

Tim Offutt is the Chief Product Officer of PNDULUM. He is best known for his innovation prowess. He has a unique approach and passion for product development. He is a leader in the consumer products industry, with over 12 years experience in product development, licensing, manufacturing, distribution and product marketing. He has managed product development for the entertainment, housewares, beauty, apparel and tech industries at major consumer-facing brand companies (e.g., Harry Potter). His deep industry relationships in manufacturing include factories that source and manufacture products in multiple international markets. He has an uncanny ability to take a product from concept to market for maximum revenue. He is humbled by providing advanced products that consumers never thought they needed.

Tim oversees the formation of product development and innovation to drive the future of the business. He also manages international distribution and licensing arrangements with strategic and distribution partners globally. Prior to this appointment, Tim was with eHarmony, Mastrad and Warner Bros.