Jerome Helton

Partner/Founding Member
Startup TAP

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*Executive Recruitment, Team Building, Growth Consultant

Jerome Helton is a founding member and Partner at StartupTAP, a Los Angeles, CA, based retained search firm, providing an integrated and scalable Talent Acquisition solution for growth-stage companies, across a variety of industries. Since its founding in 2012, StartupTAP has supported over 180 of SoCal’s most well positioned and disruptive companies. In total, StartupTAP has helped over 150+ early-mid stage VC/PE backed startups secure a collective $3.5B+ in growth funding and has been influential in over 15 Acquisitions, 3 Exits and over a dozen Mergers and operational entity spin-offs.

For Jerome, the client partnership, strategy consulting and delivery execution aspects are where his sweet spot. He shines when it comes to integrating with clients to understand their markets at a macro and diving deep into the core of the business to figure out how companies tick and providing relevant and sustainable, insights and solutions for Talent Acquisition across People, Process and Technology. He is incessantly curious and you may find him always asking why, why, why. But enjoy the ride: you’ll be the one getting more answers than you ever thought you could.

Coined as a renaissance man by his colleagues and client partners, and self-proclaimed pork belly connoisseur, Jerome’s winding path has taken him around the world (8 countries and 67 cities) before landing him at StartupTAP. A closet creative that has turned business into his art. Jerome holds a B.F.A. in Fine and Studio Arts, Business Administration, from USC. Prior to StartupTAP, Jerome has run the gamut of creative roles, ranging from concept artist at a variety of gaming and media companies to Fine Art Investments Management as a Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo.